Discipleship Pathway

What is the Discipleship Pathway?


At Venture, we take seriously Jesus’ command to make disciples by baptizing them and teaching them to observe everything He commanded (Matt. 28.19-20). In order to fulfill Jesus’ great commission of disciple-making, we need to understand and apply the process of disciple-making as Jesus did. That is why we’re launching our Discipleship Pathway!


Our Discipleship Pathway is intended to help followers of Jesus grow in three ways. The first way is through learning and practicing the spiritual disciplines of our faith, studying God’s Word effectively, praying and meditating in response to God’s Word, and practicing biblical stewardship. The second way is by learning the fundamental doctrines of our faith so we’re rightly dividing God’s Word. The third way is equipping followers to find biblical solutions in overcoming personal problems and build stronger discipling relationships.


Our Discipling Pathway has three levels that build off one another and must be followed in order. They are offered quarterly, and registration is required. The structure of these classes is designed to be a collaborative space with teaching and hands-on application within a group. The duration of each class is 90 minutes in order to ensure ample time to practice what has been taught. Anyone interested must start in D1, then progress to D2, and then D3. Read below to find out more about each class in the pathway.


Spiritual Disciplines Of The Faith

As a disciple of Jesus Christ, this class will teach you how to practically live out the spiritual disciplines. There will be live teaching, group discussion time and weekly assignments to deepen your personal study.

Length: 6 Weeks
Duration: 90 Minutes
Content: learning and practicing the disciplines of our faith; studying God’s Word, memorization, prayer, meditation, fasting, areas of stewardship, and serving both God and neighbor.

Class Dates 

  • Feb 2 from 9:30–11:00am
  • Feb 9 from 9:30–11:00am
  • Feb 16 from 9:30–11:00am
  • Feb 23 from 9:30–11:00am
  • Mar 1 from 9:30–11:00am
  • Mar 8 from 9:30–11:00am

Class Schedule 

Week 1: Introduction to Spiritual Disciplines

• What it is, Why do it, How to do it, etc

• Learn 'I.D.E.A.S.'  study method

• Practical examples in class

Week 2: Discipline of Studying Scripture

• Hermeneutics (principles of interpretation) 

• Interpretation, Original word meaning

• Show examples in class

Week 3: Discipline of Studying Scripture

• Exegesis (applying the principles)

• Memorization

Week 4: Discipline of Praying

• Importance of prayer

• How to pray scripture

• What is meditation

• Writing laments

• Fasting

Week 5: Discipline of Stewardship

•What is Stewardship

• Areas of stewardship:
–Time (sabbath, rhythm & balance)
–Talent (gifts, worship)
–Treasure (giving)

Week 6: Discipline of Serving

• Serving your family, church, and community

• Fellowship & missions


Fundamental Doctrines Of The Faith

This class will give you a robust understanding of the fundamental doctrines of our faith. There will be live teaching, group discussion time and weekly assignments to deepen your personal study. 

Length: 9 Weeks
Duration: 90 Minutes
Content: Doctrine of God, Man, Christ, The Holy Spirit, Salvation, The Church, and The End Times

Class Dates

  • Classes are set to start on Mar 22

Class Schedule 

Week 1: Introduction to Class

• Fellowship, Overview of Class and Book

Week 2: Introduction to Theology

• Sufficiency of Scripture

Week 3: Theology Proper

• God, Trinity, Revelation

Week 4: Anthropology and Creation

• Man, Sin, Creation, Angels and Demons

Week 5: Christology

• Jesus Christ; Two Natures, Person and Work, Atonement

Week 6: Pneumatology

• Holy Spirit; His Person and Work

Week 7: Soteriology

• Regeneration, Grace, Election, Justification, Sanctification

Week 8: Ecclesiology

• Church, Worship, Baptism, Lord’s Supper

Week 9: Eschatology

• End times, Return of Christ, Final judgement


In-Depth Discipleship

This class will equip believers to find biblical solutions to every problem of attitude, relationships, communication, and behavior. This lesson outlines biblical principles for growing spiritually, overcoming personal problems, building strong relationships, and discipleing others in-depth.

Length: 10 Weeks
Duration: 90 Minutes
Content: Essentials for discipleship, helping others, God’s way vs. Man’s way, Biblical dynamics of change, the basis for change, structure for change, and dealing with self.

Class Dates

  • Classes start this Fall

Class Schedule 

Week 1: You can change biblically Part 1

• Introduction to the material, homework, etc

Week 2: You can change biblically Part 2

• Essentials for discipleship and helping others

Week 3: Man’s way and God’s way Part 1

• Scriptural Authority, Holy Spirit-Empowered, Prayerful Communication

Week 4: Man’s way and God’s way Part 2

• Man’s Failure, Solving Problems God’s Way, and A Biblical View of Self

Week 5: Biblical Dynamics of Change

• Downward Spiral, Upward Path, Doing the Word

Week 6: Biblical Basis For Change

• Three Levels of Problems, Biblical Hope, Basis for Peace and Joy

Week 7: Biblical Structure For Change

• Biblical Change is a Process; The effects of unbiblical thoughts, speech, and actions; renewing your mind

Week 8: Biblical Practice Achieves Lasting Change

• Biblical Perspective on Tests and Temptations, Steps for Achieving Biblical Change

Week 9: Dealing With Self Part 1

• Self-Belittlement, Exaltation, Pity, Jealousy, Envy, Covetousness, and Greed.

Week 10: Dealing With Self Part 2

• Biblical Principles of Stewardship, Dying to Self, Overcoming a Preoccupation With Self.


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