We want children to grow up with an authentic faith that guides them to follow Jesus for life.

We believe the church and the home both work individually to provide children with a better future but when the home and church combine their influence, they can have a greater impact.

We know that no one has more influence on the life of a child than the parent and so we desire to partner with you as you teach your children how to follow Jesus. It is our hope that what happens in our ministries will spark a spiritual conversation that will continue with your family throughout the week.

We lead Small…

Kids are placed in small groups and interact with leaders who have made a commitment to be consistent voices in their lives.


Teaching environments are designed to inspire kids to talk about their faith and begin a relationship with God.


We cue the parents to continue the discussion at home thru weekly take home resources, social media tips, and other communication avenues.


Where do I go to check in my child?

As you enter the building, look for directional signage and volunteers to help guide you to check-in kiosks. Venture kids leaders will help you thru the process, walk you to children’s areas, and connect you with your child’s small group leaders.


What security procedures are in place for my child’s safety?

  • Parents will receive a 2 part sticker at check-in that includes a computer generated security code. Kids wear security labels and parents retain a sticker as their pass to enter children’s areas and claim their children at pick-up time.
  • Venture Kids leaders are background checked, screened and trained regularly. We have protocols in place for everthing from diaper changing to adult to child ratios.
  • Venture campuses also have undercover and uniformed security personnel in place at all church-wide events.


What curriculum is used for teaching my child?

Venture Kids utilizes Orange branded curriculum for toddler thru grades 6th. The curriculum has an emphasis on small group settings for teaching kids and building relationships. Kids meet in a large group setting for fun & games, worship, and Bible storytelling and then break into small groups for application activities. Each week there is a parent connection piece sent home to encourage families to keep the discussion going.

Kids Check In Photo
Kidds Playing




  • First time guests are checked in and kids identified with a special sticker added to their security name label. All kids leaders are trained to offer extra special attention to our guests.
  • Kids are connected to a small group leader who will help transition them from parent to learning activities.
  • Parents are given a quick overview of what their child can expect today and given instructions for picking up their child.
  • Parents are escorted to kids area exits and guided to the worship service location.
  • If for any reason a parent needs to be called back to the kids areas, Venture Kids leadership will utilize a text system or other means to retrieve them.


Our Keller campus has been designed with a nautical theme & includes children ages birth-6th grade.


This environment is designed for Two and Three-Year-Olds. The nautical adventure continues as kids enjoy a larger lesson full of hands-on activities and lots of movement. Two and three-year-olds begin to learn scripture, worship, pray, and listen to Bible stories. They practice being independent and become more active learners.



This environment is designed for pre-kindergarten Four and Five-Year-Olds. These kids will begin school soon and are eager to learn. Small group time is introduced at this age. Kids learn to share prayer needs and pray for each other. They also are able to begin connecting what they are learning about Jesus to their everyday lives. Learning is loud, a little messy, and always fun!


Kindergarten through Third Grade kids interact on Venture Island; an island environment designed to inspire kids to talk about their faith and pursue a relationship with God. Kids are placed in small groups and interact with leaders who have made a commitment to be a consistent voice in their lives. Everyone gathers together for a portion of the hour for a time of silly games, worship, and teaching, followed by small group application. We appeal to a child’s sense of fun and adventure!



Fourth through Sixth Grade kids hang out in a space all their own on Sunday mornings. This pre-teen age still loves to play and be silly but they also desire authentic relationships and the opportunity to be known and have their questions answered. They are taking ownership of their faith and taking note of God’s role in their lives. They are passionate and ready to engage their lives in a mission to the world that is bigger than themselves.


  • Parents are asked to show security sticker to claim each child.
  • Venture Kids leaders connect parents to take home resources & share the “bottom line”  for what was taught that morning.
  • A Venture Kids welcome gift is given to each child.
  • Venture Kids leaders make a call and or email guest families within a few days of a visit. We answer questions, share currents events related to kids ministry, and ask for prayer requests.
  • A Venture Kids postcard is mailed to guest children.